Half-day and day tours


This is where driving fun and nature come together. Slide past Castle and Hotel Schloss Rabenstein, reservoir and climbing forest. Cross one of the highest mountains of the Erzgebirgsvorland in Saxony, the Totenstein, and cross one of the most beautiful forest landscapes of the region by way of the “Gussgrundschanze. ” The fascinating world of caves and mountain lakes round off your adventure excursion.


  • 2-hour light moss tour through Rabenstein/Grüna with the Segway
  • Guided tour of the smallest castle in Saxony, the castle of Rabenstein (May to October)
  • Guided tour of the underground rock dome

Price: from 73,00 € per person

Number of participants: 4-10 persons

(large groups are possible on request)

ProBier-Tour by bus

Go on a bus tour to the Chemnitz beer history with monastery brother Hubertus and the breweress Katharina. Let your mind, wit and humour guide you through the history of beer. Brother Hubertus and breweress Katharina will tell you all sorts of interesting and amusing facts about Chemnitz beer during the trip. The arc stretches from the beginnings of the city to the present day. During the trip you also have the opportunity to taste Chemnitz beers. Afterwards, you can enjoy another beer tasting and beer soup in the Turmbrauhaus. The tour of the Turmbrauhaus rounds off this ProBier tour.

Duration: 2. 5 hours

Price: from 19,50 € per person in own bus

The world of castles and palaces

Hidden in deep forests, enthroned on proud rocks or embedded in artfully designed parks, a large number of castles and palaces in the immediate vicinity of Chemnitz invite you to travel back in time. A detour into the unique example of a Renaissance water castle in Klaffenbach is worthwhile, as well as a visit to the former hunting and pleasure palace Augustusburg or the beautifully situated baroque castle Lichtenwalde.

Half-day tour

Benefits: Guided tour for a small castle tour in your own bus (4 hours) with a visit to the Chemnitzer Schlossberg, the castle Rabenstein and the water castle Klaffenbach 1 coffee deck

Price: from 13,00 € per person

Day tour

Benefits: Guided tour for a large castle tour in your own bus (9 hours), where you will get to know the water castle Klaffenbach, the castle Scharfenstein and the castles Wildeck, Augustusburg and Lichtenwalde Admission to two museums of your choice 1 lunch in a magnificent setting Trip by the historical cable car from Augustusburg

Price: from 54,00 € per person

Jewish Traces in Chemnitz

Chemnitz was already a thriving city full of art and culture in the 1920s. Growing in prosperity through industry and trade, it was already one of the metropolises in Saxony, along with Dresden and Leipzig. The work of the Jewish citizens also played a large part in this. During your excursion in the footsteps of Jewish culture, you will discover the Kaßberg, the largest interconnected Art Nouveau district in Europe, where houses of well-known Chemnitz residents such as the Jewish writer Stefan Heym can be found. The memorial stele of the sculptor Volker Beier on Stephanplatz, which commemorates the Old Synagogue destroyed during the November pogroms in 1938, as well as a visit to the Jewish cemetery are also on the program. Afterwards, you will get to know the New Synagogue better during a guided tour and re-enact the work of Jewish citizens through the Tietz department store and the Kautau Schocken. The end is a meal in the Jewish restaurant "Schalom", where you can learn all sorts of interesting facts about kosher cuisine.


  • Guest guide for a 4-hour tour "Jewish Traces" in your own bus
  • Dining in the Jewish restaurant "Schalom" with explanations of kosher cuisine
  • Guided tour in the New Synagogue

Price: from 29,00 € per person

Days of Jewish Culture Chemnitz (February/March). Further information can be found at: www.tdjk.de

Chemnitzer Christmas

Experience the Chemnitz Christmas during a day tour that introduces you to the city as an Advent calendar. After a warming mulled wine at the Chemnitz Christmas Market, they let the day end with a small organ concert in contemplation.


  • Guest guide for the 2-hour city tour "24 windows, gates and portals - the city as an Advent calendar"
  • Small organ concert in a centrally located Chemnitz church (length: approx. 30 minutes)
  • 1 mulled wine or mulled beer at the Chemnitz Christmas Market
  • 1 Christmas Chemnitz souvenir

Price: from 24,00 € per person

(available from 29. 11. by 23. 12. 2019)

Would you like a goose with red cabbage and dumplings? We know the right rustic ambience for your meal together. Please feel free to contact us!

»BERGGESCHREY« - Erzgebirgs-Daytour

The "Berggeschrey" once sounded through the Erzgebirge and announced rich silver finds. Go on a discovery tour through a unique, traditional region. After a drive through the beautiful Erzgebirge mountains you reach the Spielzeugdorff Seiffen, centre of traditional Erzgebirge folk art. They watch the emergence of smoker, nutcracker or nativity scene and pay a visit to the toy museum. Then continue to the silver town of Freiberg. Here you can experience the more than 800-year-old mining tradition up close on a guided tour of the historic old town and visit the magnificent cathedral. The Cathedral of St. Mary is one of the cultural monuments of European rank. During the tour you can listen to the play of the famous Silbermann organ. At the end of this eventful tour, walk on the open-air educational trail of the Freiberg visitor mine before heading back through the sea of lights of the mountain villages.


  • Guided tour for an Ore Mountains tour in your own bus (9 hours)
  • Guided tour of a Seiffener Schauwerkstatt
  • Visit to the Seiffener Spielzeugmuseum
  • Guided tour in the Freiberger Dom with reference to the famous Silbermann organ
  • Admission to the visitor mine Freiberg (inkl. 45-minute guided tour)

Price: from 39,00 € per person

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»GLÜCK AUF!« - Erzgebirgs-Daytour

Go for a day on fascinating paths from the “Gate of the Ore Mountains” in the middle of a gently ascending mountain landscape and discover this unique region. Take the mine railway to a visitor mine for about 600 metres, where you can see impressive evidence from the time of silver and cobalt mining and uranium mining by SAG Wismut. After a short drive you will come to Annaberg-Buchholz, the site of the legendary mathematical master Adam Ries, a city where you can experience a variety of mining and crafts traditions. The landmark, St. Annenkirche, is the largest pure indoor church of the late Gothic period in Saxony and is one of the most valuable examples of this architectural form. At the end of your excursion, take the steamy narrow-gauge railway to the highest city in Germany, the Oberwiesenthal air spa, at the foot of the Fichtelberg mountain, which is over 1200 metres high.


  • Guided tour for a tour of the Ore Mountains in your own bus (9 hours)
  • Guided tour of the Markus-Röhling-Stolln, Annaberg-Buchholz
  • Guided tour in the St. Annenkirche, Annaberg-Buchholz
  • Ride with the Fichtelbergbahn from Cranzahl to Oberwiesenthal

Price: from 32,00 € per person

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