Exploring the City of Modernity

No other place in Germany has earned its right to the title “City of Modernity” quite like Chemnitz has. A city that has blossomed during the modern industrial age and to this day remains a key driver behind Germany’s scientific and economic progress, Chemnitz is also a place heavily influenced by modern cultural and architectural developments.

Our city’s past and future are uniquely intertwined. Discover the charm of the City of Modernity today!

Discover Chemnitz! Discover Chemnitz!

Sport, nature, relaxation, fantastic food, shopping and nightlife. Chemnitz has plenty to offer lone travellers, families and groups alike.

Tips for your stay in Chemnitz.

Chemnitz is home to a wide range of cultural attractions, many influenced by our industrial heritage.

Discover our cultural diversity. Experience our industrial heritage.