875 years of Chemnitz

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Looking back on 2018: 875 years of Chemnitz

A year of birthday parties.

To the city anniversary

In 2018, Chemnitz will be the 875. On the occasion of his first documentary mention, he solemnly celebrated his birthday. Since there is - as in many cities - no foundation certificate in Chemnitz, the first documented mention of the city in 1143 is considered to be the starting point of the city's history.


This first documented mention was the conferral of the market privilege, although there are first written and archaeological references to the settlement of the later urban area, e. g. e. g. the church and the monastery on the castle hill. Emperor Lothar probably founded the monastery in 1136 and equipped it with land. This was the starting point for the further settlement of the surrounding area.



The successor of Emperor Lothar, King Konrad III, confirmed in 1143 the foundation of the monastery, whereby the "room" Chemnitz is mentioned for the first time in a document. The monastery was assigned an area for economic supply and given a market privilege by the king. This market privilege indicates the royal will to found the city, but is not considered a founding document for the medieval city, but merely a preliminary stage.

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