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Rock am Kopp 2016 #3: HEISSKALT

Foto: Viktor Schanz Foto: Viktor Schanz

Heisskalt announce new album: “Vom Wissen und Wollen” was released on 10. 06. 16. The pre-single “Euphoria” has been available since the 19th to be heard in the MPN or on request and will be published on 11 February March in all digital sales outlets. She gives an idea of the brachiality and precision with which this extraordinary live band acts on “Vom Wissen und Wollen” – the instrumental recordings are again together in the Toolhouse in Rotenburg a. d. Fulda has been recorded.

On the album a total of 12 songs about ’Knowing and Wanting' will be heard, each for its own small cosmos, looking for the shaking, presuming the shock, lovingly intertwined with each other and breaking in as a thunderstorm over us, which looks in its intensity unparalleled.

Foto: Jakob Sauerwein Foto: Jakob Sauerwein

... thanks and get ready! This grimme price suspicious good band name stands since 2009 for neat DIY punk rock from Chemnitz. The former two - since October 2014 three - musicians Jakob, Christoph and Markus express their love of hate in the form of unadulterated guitar music. The whole thing is mixed with "brontal entertaining" live dude footage. The "Freie Presse" recently titled a concert by . . . tagr as a mixture of a successful rock show and a failed poetry slam. And it's true. What gets bogged down loves itself - and this love expresses itself again and again in fat riffs, tight drumming and hmynic choruses. After an EP, an album and again an EP, all self-produced with shirt sleeves, the new record was recorded in March 2016 with the help of Kurt Ebelhäuser (Blackmail, Scumbucket) in his recording studio45.

Rock am Kopp 2016 #2: Maeckes

MAECKES (Die Orsons / Chimperator) Foto: Ben Hammer MAECKES (Die Orsons / Chimperator) Foto: Ben Hammer

The guest is MAECKES (Die Orsons / Chimperator), known as a member of the Maeckes & Plan B duo as well as a member of the group Die Orsons. The German rapist, Markus Winter, has been talking about well-kept rhymes and fat beats since his youth: at first with freestyle rap, later as moderator of the Stuttgart Hip-Hop Open as well as various releases that made it to the German album charts.

With his band “Die Orsons” he painted Hip Hop in a concrete grey phase and opened a new door for Deutschrap. As a solo artist, he has written the blueprint for German “Indie Rap” with “KIDS” and from time to time he gives a secret guitar concert.

Martin Ebert, Foto: Patrick A. Nast Martin Ebert, Foto: Patrick A. Nast


"Listen to your heart" sings Martin Ebert in the first song of his debut album "Viele Visionen", and it immediately becomes clear that this is also his premise when writing the song. All ten songs that he presents now unite the very private and intimate representation of emotional states and personal stories that have probably already happened to many of us in one way or another. Martin Ebert's honest and poetic texts captivate in their subtlety and precision with a linguistic style that is rarely found in this country.

A rapper looking for colours: Where are all the colourful colours? This question was asked by rapper Maeckes in his song “Graustufenregenbogen” in a new edition of Rock am Kopp. In spite of unclear weather forecasts, several hundred visitors had gathered in front of the Marx Monument to listen to the 33-year-old. In the preliminary programme, Martin Ebert had been on stage. After his appearance, the German rocker from Gera, whose new album “Viele Visionen” was partly made in Chemnitz, was good things. ” I am mega-satisfied”, he said in response to his short concert. Ebert followed Maecke’s performance as an audience. (Source Free Press)

Rock Am Kopp 2016 #1: MEGALOH


With his music, the Berlin rapper Megaloh himself has become a kind of rainmaker. This is the true strength of the Megaloh of 2016: that he not only tells stories, but also knows how to translate them into immediately moving music. His unmistakable stage presence, the connection between audience and artist, his powerful style – Megaloh is what many want to be and the least achieve: a real live MC.

DJ SoSoKev

DJ SoSoKev is a young Chemnitzer who has developed his love for DJing since 2007. It all started in his home studio, which he gradually gained his first experiences. In his hometown, he is an integral part of many party nights and a resident of the Brauclub.

Nearly 2,500 spectators visited the first edition of the "Rock am Kopp" event series on Saturday, 28 May 2016. A violent thunderstorm caused a temporary interruption after DJ SoSoKev had started his show in front of the Marx Monument. The main act of the day was the Berlin rapper MEGALOH, who - according to the weather - presented songs from his new album "Regenmacher. " Among other things, he describes his work as a warehouse worker in the capital.

Rock am Kopp

That was "Rock am Kopp" 2015

Several thousand visitors from Chemnitz and the surrounding area celebrated the eponymous band from Austria in picture book weather at the second Rock am Kopp 2015. Almost one and a half hours of DJ Sir Henry from the Chemnitz club Nikola Tesla, who played the warm-up, and the band heated up the audience with over 25 degrees. For picture book it was the first appearance in Chemnitz. After several major festivals, such as the Highfield, Melt!, Rock am Ring and Rock im Park they have now rocked the Kopp.

That was “Rock am Kopp” 2014

Rapper MC Fitti opened the summer concert series of “Die Stadt bin ich”: Sunglasses, Slippers and “30 Grad” – these associations for the well-known rapper MC Fitti could hardly be more true than at the first “Rock am Kopp” concert Around 5000 fans celebrated an exuberant party in front of the Karl-Marx-Monument for over an hour. The first “Rock am Kopp” was a complete success.

After the warm-up with the Werdauer band “Still Trees”, which also played at the Cosmonaut Festival in 2015, the German-British electropop band “I Heart Sharks” warmed up the audience. More than 2500 visitors had not been deterred by the cold weather and celebrated over two hours in front of the Nischl.

In the 3rd “Rock am Kopp” Ronny Trettmann rocked the niche at the beginning at 33 degrees, which had more than three welding beads on the forehead. Around 3,000 fans are celebrating with Trettmann and crew giving Reggae & Dancehall beats the best.