At the Kopp

The concert series "am Kopp" takes place as part of the communication campaign "Die Stadt bin ich. " During the summer, a band or artist will perform on a small stage in front of a large backdrop and inspire the Chemnitz audience with a concert.

One of the organizers of "am Kopp" is Jan Kummer. " The idea to create something here in the city of Chemnitz came from different people: the city marketing, organizers and also the Atomino Club where I come from. " At some point they got together and so the idea arose to make music for everyone at the "Nischel", free of charge. Kummer does not know whether the concept will last long and make the city more attractive. " Trade fairs can be difficult, but even if we only do something here a few times a year, that's ok", says Kummer, who made music in the DDR times himself in the Karl-Marx-Städter band "AG-Geige. "

Up-to-date information

Photos, videos and information on the next scheduled events can be found on the Am Kopp Facebook page.